We run popular Schematic Design & PCB Layout Courses. Check out currently running courses:

- Learn Altium Essentials: Switching Power Supply Design Course

- Learn to Design Your Own Boards: Based on Arduino project.
- Advanced Hardware Design: Schematic & PCB Design Course

- Advanced PCB Layout: Includes learning about layout for DDR3, PCIE, LVDS, ...

FEDEVEL Open Source

Check out our work. Download Schematic, PCB Layout and complete manufacturing data of our open source projects:

- OpenRex: Designed for Playing, Learning and Hacking. CPU + MCU
- iMX6 Rex: 1.2GHz 4 core CPU, DDR-1066, Ethernet, PCIE, SATA, ...
- iMX6 TinyRex: Computer on Module, size 38x38 x 4.8mm
- 28Pins: A board designed based on Arduino

FEDEVEL Development

We specialize in advanced digital hardware development with a focus on motherboard, processor and microcontroller board design including power supplies, digital / analog interfaces firmware and software development.

For Hardware Design & Software Development service, contact us here >>>