Selected Projects in Pictures

 Single board computer
Intel Core i5 / i7 CPU
 COM Express
 Display controller  Set Top Box
 Wireless IO controller

 Computer on Module
 Internet telephone
 Car Entertainment  USB telephone

The table below shows list of my major projects. Request for more details about these and other projects
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ProjectCPU manufacturer / CPU detailArchitectureMy jobDescription
ProjectCPU manufacturer / CPU detailArchitectureMy jobDescription
iMX6 Rex Freescale / iMX6 ARM Project leader Open source computer on module with baseboard 
Embedded Board AMD / G-Series x86 Hardware Design Custom Embedded Board 
iMX53 Module Freescale / iMX53 ARM Cortex A8 PCB layout SODIMM module with 4x DDR3 
C6A816x Module TI / C6 - Integra DSP + ARM Hardware / Software Development Video processing module 
iMX51 Module Freescale / iMX51 ARM Cortex A8 PCB layout SODIMM module with 4x DDR2  
EBX Embedded PC Intel / Core i7 / i5 x86 Hardware design EBX format Intel Core i5 based embedded PC 
Industrial Embedded PC Intel / ATOM Z5xxPT x86 Hardware design ATOM based embedded board for industrial environment 
Stand Alone / COM Express Board Intel / ATOM Z5xx x86 Hardware design Stand alone / COM Express board for embedded systems 
Zigbee Wireless IO Boards ATMEL / ATMega RISC Hardware / Software Development Five boards with various I/O controlled via ZigBee wireless interface 
Display Control Board RMI (AMD) / AU1200 MIPS Hardware design Low power and ultra low profile board designed for display applications. 
PC104 Tester Xilinx / Spartan FPGA  An FPGA firmware design FPGA board used to test IO/Memory access 
DVB-T/S Set Top Box ST Micro / STB5105 RISC Project leader A Satellite/Terrestrial TV signal receiver 
VIA Embedded System VIA / C3 EDEN x86 Hardware design An x86 PC designed for a car entertainment system 
WiFi Access Point Intel / PXA 255 ARM xScale Hardware design A wireless WiFi access point 
XOT Terminal Adapter Intel / PXA 255 ARM xScale Consultant An ISDN < - > Ethernet gateway 
PXA255 Development Kit Intel / PXA 255 ARM xScale Project leader A development kit for Computer on Module 
Filling Station Control Board Intel / PXA 255 ARM xScale Hardware design A central control unit for a mobile filling station 
Computer on Module Intel / PXA 255 ARM xScale Hardware design A Computer On Module running Linux or Win CE 
Development Board Intel / PXA 255 ARM xScale Project leader A PXA255 development test board 
ISDN Gateway Intel / PXA 250 ARM xScale Project leader An ISDN <-> Ethernet gateway 
Stand Alone Internet Telephone Intel / PXA 250 ARM xScale Project leader An Internet telephone running without PC 
Network Router Intel / PXA 250 ARM xScale Hardware design A network server / router board 
USB/PSTN Switch Cypress / EZ Host RISC Project leader A PSTN and Internet call switch 
USB Telephone Cypress / EZ Host RISC Project leader / Hardware design A USB Phone designed for calling via Internet 
3-Phase Calibration System TI / TMS320C67x & TMS370 VLIW DSP Core Hardware / Software design A precise calibration digital three-phase electric power supply meter 
Showing 25 items